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can you believe there are people who haven’t seen this video before

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Client: Do you charge?

Me: Yes.

Client: Money?


After I explained to the client that it is illegal to use a song by REM in their video, I receive this email:

Client:  Here’s a YouTube link to the song we want.  What format do you need the audio in?

Me: I can handle any audio format you provide me as long as you can handle the legal implications of publicly unlicensed copyrighted material.

Client: But it’s not REM!

Me: You’ll face the same issues with Madonna.


As a part-time photographer, I take copyright infringement very seriously. A client came in to my print shop to test that.

Client: Can you make a copy of this picture?

Me: Unfortunately no. I am not allowed.

Client: What do you mean?

Me: This image is the photographer’s intellectual…


Me: Did you decide on which proof you liked?

Client: I don’t know. What did you like? I like A but some people like B. 

Me: I like B.

Client: Okay let’s do both. That way, we can see what they both look like in finished form.

Me: Okay, but that will effect either the deadline or your invoice. Likely both.

Client: What? Why?

Me: Because I’d be doing twice as much work.

Client: And that entitles you to twice as much pay?

Me: Um… yes?


Client: Can you combine these three elements graphically so they all fit on one page and make sense?

Me: Sure, but it’s going to need to be a pretty big page to be readable, like 11 x 17.

Client: Ok, sounds fine, just make it work.

I submit a draft.

Client: Oh, this sheet is way too big….

The face on the stamp needs to be neither black nor white. It should be a mix. To convey racial equality. To be a gentleman you don’t have to be white or black. Just swagged.

Racial rights supporter and inventor of the word “swagged”

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Client: “I don’t really like that the website has a top and bottom.”

Me: “Everything has a top and bottom. That’s how it goes.”

Client: “Not true. Circles don’t.”

Me: “So you want a circular website?”

Client: “Yup! Like a conveyer belt, or ooh! a rolodex. Every time you scroll up past…

For the ad, use a stock photo of a woman or a person.


I had just sent a company my invoice for designing their new logo, and the guy I was working with texted me the very next day.

Client: Hey there. I just wanted to let you know, my boss loves the new logo, and we got your invoice and everything… But my boss wants you to make some changes on the…