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next time on free! eternal summer: surrounded by the beauty of the australian wilderness, haruka realizes that everyone has been totally correct in trying to tell him how to feel and that deep deep deep deep deep down he’s always wanted to go pro 

in which i am pissed about f!es so i pulled out snapchat naturally

motherfucking heLL





its never not a good time for this video

…..you…..you found it


can you believe there are people who haven’t seen this video before

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Client: Do you charge?

Me: Yes.

Client: Money?


After I explained to the client that it is illegal to use a song by REM in their video, I receive this email:

Client:  Here’s a YouTube link to the song we want.  What format do you need the audio in?

Me: I can handle any audio format you provide me as long as you can handle the legal implications of publicly unlicensed copyrighted material.

Client: But it’s not REM!

Me: You’ll face the same issues with Madonna.


As a part-time photographer, I take copyright infringement very seriously. A client came in to my print shop to test that.

Client: Can you make a copy of this picture?

Me: Unfortunately no. I am not allowed.

Client: What do you mean?

Me: This image is the photographer’s intellectual…


Me: Did you decide on which proof you liked?

Client: I don’t know. What did you like? I like A but some people like B. 

Me: I like B.

Client: Okay let’s do both. That way, we can see what they both look like in finished form.

Me: Okay, but that will effect either the deadline or your invoice. Likely both.

Client: What? Why?

Me: Because I’d be doing twice as much work.

Client: And that entitles you to twice as much pay?

Me: Um… yes?


Client: Can you combine these three elements graphically so they all fit on one page and make sense?

Me: Sure, but it’s going to need to be a pretty big page to be readable, like 11 x 17.

Client: Ok, sounds fine, just make it work.

I submit a draft.

Client: Oh, this sheet is way too big….

The face on the stamp needs to be neither black nor white. It should be a mix. To convey racial equality. To be a gentleman you don’t have to be white or black. Just swagged.

Racial rights supporter and inventor of the word “swagged”

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Client: “I don’t really like that the website has a top and bottom.”

Me: “Everything has a top and bottom. That’s how it goes.”

Client: “Not true. Circles don’t.”

Me: “So you want a circular website?”

Client: “Yup! Like a conveyer belt, or ooh! a rolodex. Every time you scroll up past…